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Our products are always safely packed: jars in polyethylene film, lids in corrugated carton case. Each package should have labeling (check for size and quantity of items in a package in "Packaging norms" section).
Visual inspection:
- Packaging should be whole, without visible damage.
- Packaging should have standard labeling.

Check for product quantity and range:
Each batch should be accompanied by shipment documentation: waybill and quality certificate.
Ask for these documents from your shipment agent.
ATTENTION! In presence of the shipment company representative, count the number of shipping units and check them against the number specified in shipment documents. Compare product numbers in labeling against information in the shipment letter.
In case of any defects, visible lack of package integrity, absence of marking or mismatching quantity, contact our logistics specialist: +7 (342) 255-41-49 from 7:00 to 18:00 (Moscow time) Monday to Friday. Do not accept the goods from the shipment company unless the problem is resolved!


Prolong service life of your jar by adhering to the simple rules.
Do not store in direct sunlight
Do not heat
Do not store hot liquids
Do not deform


After first application you can always reuse INPLINE jars. Our products are absolutely safe for use in household purposes.
Free-flowing and liquid products
Construction parts


What is our standard range of colors?
Standard colors are black, white, blue, red, yellow, or colorless. Other colors are available as an option, starting from minimum order quantity (for details please see our price list).
Are there non-transparent jars in the product range?
Standard non-transparent colors are black and white. Non-transparent jars can be produced with change of color.
Is it possible to produce a jar based on customer drawings?
Yes, it is possible starting from minimum order quantity established for custom-made products. Please specify technological capacity in advance.
How can I get product samples?
To receive product samples, please provide your company details, name and telephone number of your person in charge. We will send you samples for free, as a premium product. Delivery cost, however, will be at your expense.
What is the minimum order quantity?
Minimum order quantities vary depending on the product type. Minimum order quantities are specified in the price list.
Are our products food grade?
Yes, by all means. Our products are certified for packing food products.
Is it necessary to use a membrane for product packing?
Use of membranes for product packing is optional. Membrane or liner is an additional means for insulation of products from ambient factors.
Is auxiliary equipment required for packing with use of membranes?
It depends on the membrane type: for membranes with adhesive base, auxiliary equipment is not needed, since the membrane is glued to the neck edge during capping. For use of foil membranes, special equipment is needed.
What means of tamper control can be used for our packaging?
You can use membranes, shrink bands (caps), or peel-off seals.
Do we send our products to other regions?
Yes, we can arrange shipment with a forwarding company. You can also arrange delivery from our warehouse and draw up the necessary documentation on your own.
Do we offer discounts?
Yes, we offer discounts starting from order quantity of 5000 identical items.
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Delivery and Customer Pickup
Customer pickup
You can pick up pre-paid goods at our main warehouse at the address:
57, Novozvyaginskaya St. Mon-Fr: 9:00-17:00.
Goods are released from warehouse against original power of attorney issued by the corporate payer specifying valuables to be received, and an original personal identity document. Accompanying documents are handed over upon goods transfer.

Goods can be shipped to any region by a forwarding company. To order delivery by a forwarding company, specify this method of delivery in the purchase request. The goods will be sent to the address of the payer. To receive the goods from the forwarding company, prepare an original power of attorney issued by the corporate payer specifying valuables to be received, and an original personal identity document. Accompanying documents are handed over to the forwarding company upon goods transfer.
Company details:

OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1165958100890
INN (Tax Identification Number) 5906142571
Address: Russia, 614013, Perm, St. 3-ya Naberezhnaya 42, space 7
Director Dyshlov Vitaliy Sergeyevich
Phone: 8 (342) 255 41 49


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7.2.1. became public prior to its loss or disclosure.
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8.1. Prior to raising the matter in the court concerning disputes arising between the User and the Website administration, a pre-court claim shall be raised (a written proposal for dispute voluntary settlement).
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PlastTek Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as the "SUPPLIER", duly represented by Director Vitaliy Sergeevich Dyshlov

OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1165958100890
INN (Tax Identification Number) 5906142571
Registered address: office 406, 7, Khrustalnaya Ul. (St.), 614107, Perm, Perm Kray 9.4. The current Confidentiality Policy is published at the website