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MOSCOW (key accounts)
over 35,000 jars delivered to regular customers
St. Petersburg (customer majority)
20 successful transactions made and over 7.5 tons
of product manufactured over the last 3 months
PERM (domestic region)
over 53 tons of product manufactured for customers over the last 10 months

Delivery to 15
regions of Russia

St. Petersburg
Leningrad region
Moscow region
St. Petersburg
Nizhny Novgorod
 Transparent bank
 Transparent bank
 Transparent bank
Nizhny Novgorod


People who monitor quality of our product at each life cycle stage, continuously improve manufacturing process and customer experience
Vitaliy Dyshlov
Operations management and supervision.
Sergey Shevshelev
Business Manager
Sales, strategic projects, development
Pavel Kuznetsov
Production Manager
Purchasing and procurement.
39 tons
of product released in 2017
73 customers
across Russia work with INPLINE

88 transactions
over the last six months
523 717 articles
of product manufactured over the last 10 months


Product quality is confirmed by certificates. We guarantee that our product conforms to the established standards


All presented company cases are relevant and have been developed for Inpline’s clients. According to the confidentiality clause of the supply agreement, all customers are impersonal.

To create a stylish and creative package for a sports line nutrition of five products.

Solution: Was developed a unique colorful packaging, through to which the client was able to highlight its products in the sports nutrition market and attracted a new consumers. It is important that the use of such packaging reduces the likelihood of counterfeiting the product to almost zero.

To the client regularly received complaints related to the lack of tightness of the package — consumers faced with situations when the finely dispersed product spilled out even with the lid closed.

Solution: The new packaging developed by Inpline provides a reinforced screw connection and a "platform" on the neck of the package, through to which the product will not wake up with the lid tightly closed. This design retains its reliability even with repeated use.

Client’s small size material warehouse didn’t allow to accommodate the required number of products packages.

Solution: Based on the client’s production plan, we prepared an annual contract and also provided to the client with a product reserve in our warehouse in the amount of 10% of the average monthly batch volume.

More than 6% of the customer’s products during transportation became unusable. The reason is fragile glass containers that broke during every sudden movement.

Solution: The customer’s new packaging we made of reliable and durable material. Replacement of glass containers with a new one allowed the client to increase profits while maintaining the same sales volumes.

The client needed to replace the short-lived paper packaging for Christmas gifts on applicable in everyday life.

Solution: We developed a unique plastic jar "Elka". New packaging is easy to use, safe for children and indispensable in everyday life. Moreover, it can be used as a toy or container for storing small things. Due to these advantages, the client has significantly increased the sales of Christmas gifts.

The client was forced to buy packaging from several suppliers because of own wide product line. It was necessary to develop a universal packaging.

Solution: Decision: Inpline’s packaging is suitable for all product lines of the client. Now the client can spend free time on the development of their own products instead of endless communication with suppliers.

The client needed to stand out from the competitors and to form an associative image due to the packaging.

Solution: The client’s sales increased by 35% thanks to bright packaging and winning colour combinations.

The client had to use a paper case or non-transparent jar for the product’s packaging because of UV rays.

Solution: We developed a transparent colouring agent with UV protection for packaging. The client increased sales by 20%. There’s no reason to hide the outwardly attractive product from the sun and the customers now.
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География поставок
© Plastic jars manufacturing
and sale
7, Khrustalnaya St., Perm, Russia
Delivery and Customer Pickup
Customer pickup
You can pick up pre-paid goods at our main warehouse at the address:
57, Novozvyaginskaya St. Mon-Fr: 9:00-17:00.
Goods are released from warehouse against original power of attorney issued by the corporate payer specifying valuables to be received, and an original personal identity document. Accompanying documents are handed over upon goods transfer.

Goods can be shipped to any region by a forwarding company. To order delivery by a forwarding company, specify this method of delivery in the purchase request. The goods will be sent to the address of the payer. To receive the goods from the forwarding company, prepare an original power of attorney issued by the corporate payer specifying valuables to be received, and an original personal identity document. Accompanying documents are handed over to the forwarding company upon goods transfer.
Company details:

OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1165958100890
INN (Tax Identification Number) 5906142571
Address: Russia, 614013, Perm, St. 3-ya Naberezhnaya 42, space 7
Director Dyshlov Vitaliy Sergeyevich
E-mail: [email protected]
Phone: 8 (342) 255 41 49


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1.1. This Confidentiality Policy uses the following definitions:
1.1.1. website administration – employees authorized to manage the website, acting on behalf of PlastTek Limited Liability Company which arrange processing and (or) process personal data and establish the purpose of personal data processing, scope of personal data to be processed, and actions (operations) to be performed over the personal data.
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7.2.1. became public prior to its loss or disclosure.
7.2.2. was received from a third party prior to its receipt by the Website administration.
7.2.3. was disclosed upon consent of the User. 8. DISPUTE SETTLEMENT
8.1. Prior to raising the matter in the court concerning disputes arising between the User and the Website administration, a pre-court claim shall be raised (a written proposal for dispute voluntary settlement).
8.2. Within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the claim receipt, the claim receiver shall notify the claimant on results of the claim consideration.
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PlastTek Limited Liability Company, hereinafter referred to as the "SUPPLIER", duly represented by Director Vitaliy Sergeevich Dyshlov

OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) 1165958100890
INN (Tax Identification Number) 5906142571
Registered address: office 406, 7, Khrustalnaya Ul. (St.), 614107, Perm, Perm Kray 9.4. The current Confidentiality Policy is published at the website